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In each Backstage Tour 2020 city, we’ll be running a full investment process to select 1 company to receive a minimum $25k investment and join our portfolio. In each city, 5 companies will be selected to pitch live during the main evening event, and we’ll announce our investment selection and welcome 1 new company as a Backstage Headliner.

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Can I apply to more than 1 city?
No. Founders must apply to the 1 city that their company is local to. Applications to multiple cities will be disqualified.

We work remotely or have founders living in more than 1 city. Where should I apply?
You can apply to any Tour 2020 city (or close surrounding area) where at least 1 founder is located.

What stage company is welcome to apply?
We welcome any stage company to apply. If you believe that the investment is a good fit for where you are with your business, then we encourage you to apply.

Can I apply if I’m a solo founder and the company is just made up of me?
Yes! Solo founders are welcome. We’ve funded solo founders in the past.

What is the timeline for applicants?
Applications are open until March 31. Finalists will be notified before Backstage Tour kicks off in May.

Application FAQs

What makes a strong application?

Are the optional items on the application really optional?
All optional fields are clearly marked, including the pitch deck and founder video fields. These are optional and not a requirement for completing the application. However, this additional info gives us an opportunity to get to know you and your company a bit better, so we appreciate this in the application process.

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