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Update: we made history on Feb 1, reaching $1M on our Reg CF on Republic in less than 9 hours! If you missed it, sign up to our waitlist and we will alert you when we open up more allocation!

Backstage Capital is thrilled to announce our groundbreaking campaign on Republic. Now, anyone can invest in Backstage and participate in our upside.

Investing in underestimated founders is more than good business sense, it’s a deeply held conviction that what we all do together will change the world.

Instead of venture capital being locked up by gatekeepers, we at Backstage aim to be keymakers. 

The groundswell of community enthusiasm that we’ve observed over the last five years gives us confidence that this progressive model of investing as a crowd is the future. 

Now is the time to be bold in our ideas and actions.

Partnering with Republic is another example of how Backstage is at the forefront of rethinking venture capital.

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