A milestone in representation.

The Goal

In 2015, Backstage Capital set the audacious goal to invest in 100 high-quality startups led by underrepresented founders by 2020.

We were asked...

"Will there be enough strong leads?!"

"Won't there be a pipeline issue?"

These founders were being overlooked, and deeply undervalued.

A year and a half early, in May of 2018, we reached our goal.

The founders we've backed demonstrate exceptional grit. They prove to us beyond a doubt that while they are currently underestimated, they're amongst the best startup founders operating today.

This is what you can accomplish when you commit to diversity as a core value.

The Results

See what portfolio diversity looks like.

Move the Needle

The Companies

Our Headliners steal the show.

Take the Stage

The Story

A winding road to 100 investments.

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