AI-Powered High-Tech Apparel

SUPA is an Artificial Intelligence for the health and body conscious, extreme sports passionate, fashion lover connecting biometric sensors in apparel with ambient sensors to enhance all aspects of performance. SUPA is a platform. SUPA is an integrated brand providing sensors to the fashion/sports industry (B2B2C) and a mobile APP to the consumer (B2C). SUPA is a personal concierge – discreet, well-connected, and with style.

Sabine Seymour, PhD, Economics, Founder and CEO of SUPA, is an award winning serial entrepreneur, author of three books on the topic of fashion + technology, the inaugural professor of Fashionable Technology at Parsons, and conceived the first biometric sensor system for snowboarding in 2000. She is leveraging her 15 years experience in building scale-able technology innovations for the automobile, fashion, and technology sectors to establish SUPA as the go-to artificial intelligence platform for biometric sensing merging digital health, sports, and fashion.