Speech extraction software enhancing voice quality in mobile communication.

OmniSpeech develops speech extraction software for enhancing voice quality in mobile communication devices and in VoIP (Voice over IP) and speech recognition platforms. Founded by world-renowned engineer Dr. Carol Espy-Wilson, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and head of the Speech Communication Lab at the University of Maryland, OmniSpeech takes a novel approach to the challenge of delivering clean speech in noisy environments.

Based on decades of research into speech acoustics, digital speech processing, speech production and perception, OmniSpeech’s innovative single channel software-only solution focuses on identifying the speechwithin noisy signals and isolating and extracting it, as opposed to other approaches which focus on identifying background noise and canceling it.

As a high-performing, software only solution, OmniClear offers mobile device manufacturers a compelling option for reducing bill-of-materials cost while maintaining or enhancing voice quality. OmniSpeech’s mission is to be the solution of choice to enhance speech-enabled technology in any device, app or platform.

Founder: Dr. Carol Espy-Wilson