A Backstage Capital initiative to gift books to aspiring founders.

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Introducing Cover

Cover is a new initiative by Backstage Capital to help more aspiring entrepreneurs and investors—regardless of income, location, or profile—have access to invaluable startup-related books.

One of the most impactful parts of my education in startup venture has been through reading books by tech luminaries. Since 2012, I've of course read every blog and watched every video I could get my hands on, but books continue to play a huge role. Early on, I wasn't always able to afford a book I wanted, so oftentimes I'd sit for hours at Barnes & Noble and read them, or save up for weeks to buy a particular title.

I'll be showcasing my favorite startup books here and giving away copies to randomly selected applicants. Gifting books is another small way to help level the playing field. I hope you'll enjoy my picks—grab a copy if you have the means, or apply to win our giveaway if you need a little help. If you'd like to help me give away books, please get in touch below!

Arlan Hamilton
Founder + Managing Partner
Backstage Capital

Featured Book

The New Rules of Lead Generation Book Cover

The New Rules of Lead Generation
by David T. Scott

Lead-generation marketing is evolving rapidly, but many companies are still using the same methods they always have. What’s been missing—until now—is a strategic look at how lead-generation tactics can work together to produce the maximum number of quality leads. In The New Rules of Lead Generation, marketing expert David T. Scott examines the seven most successful tactics, including e-mail, direct mail, and search engine marketing; banner and social media advertising; cold calling; and trade shows. He reveals when to use which tactics, how to use them cost-effectively and get the best results, and how each tactic has changed in recent years and will continue to evolve in the future. Readers will also discover how to test new approaches on a limited budget and how to combine multiple tactics for a more powerful, integrated campaign. Featuring valuable tools for tracking costs and measuring results, this indispensable book shows marketers everywhere how to capture the leads they need to help their companies succeed.

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